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21st Dec 2021

New servers and Cloud Hosting plus BuddyBoss integrated.

We are pleased to announce that we have further options for hosting with Business Hosting, we now have Shared, Cloud and App hosting. Cloud Hosting from Google Cloud, is one of the fastest and secure setups on the web, each cloud account is created on a private lightweight Linux container. The underlying server infrastructure uses SSD disks. Our ...

3rd Nov 2021

Maintenance App maintenance. This will help improve the performance and stability of our messaging service. Maintenance Window:November 6, 2021, from 01:00 AM CET to 06:00 AM CET / 00:00 Wednesday to 7:00 am, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Impact:All call numbers into our sales, support lines will be closed. Actions to take:No Action is required.

2nd Nov 2021

Google Thought for the day...


Digital transformation is a journey, and each brand will navigate it in its own way. Discover actionable solutions for getting deeper insights, improving agility, creating opportunity, and building a plan that works as well today as it will in the future.

20th Jul 2021

The server is now back up after an error occurred during an update early this morning. The update has now been completed and the errors fixed.

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