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UKBH have worked on many SEO Projects in many different Industries from Health to Engineering, to Music and Lifestyle.

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When you take out one of our SEO packages you are giving your business the expert edge it needs to grow your visitors, outrank your competitors and rank your website higher on Google. Every package comes with many years of experience in SEO at small business and multi million pound corporate levels, an SEO strategy that will be executed and measured with complete control.

Search Engine Ranking

Its happened, your company lost its No 1 Google ranking to another company!

Companies have lost multiple pages and multiple keywords as well as overall visibility on Google to their competitors in one afternoon!
This could mean the loss of thousands if not millions of pounds in trade.
Don’t let that happen to you, follow best practice SEO and website structure and this will not happen to you, we guarantee it!

From Google’s dependence on artificial intelligence to the much awaited final upgrade for Google Penguin, the search engine marketing landscape has seen plenty of developments in 2016. It’s been an amazing year for most Search engine optimsation companies who can cope with the changes in the internet search engine area.
As the year 2017 starts to draw to and end, strategies and changes in client search behaviours and Google’s algorithm updates continue to flow, now’s the ideal time for you to plan your business strategy for your search engine marketing success in 2018.


Schema is definitely a part of powerful search engine marketing since the beginning of semantic search, but with the shifting search surroundings and user search tendencies, Schema Markup has become increasingly more essential to rank well in the SERP’s now.

For the inexperienced, Schema Markup is just a type of code added within an internet websites code that allows the internet search engine to understand the site better what the website is about, which then ensures that it is shown in the SERP correctly. In line with Google’s goal of Offering the best user experience, Google has already been increasing its use of wealthy snippets Fast Responses, increasing from 22% in 2014 to over 40% by the start of 2016, statistics from Search Engine Watch. Said to be the 3rd most important ranking factor, Schema Markup might help Search engine optimisation ensure that a web site may be easily interpreted by RankBrain.

As Google carries on to enlarge their internet search engines towards artificial intelligence, using schema might help your website be prepared for whatever Google brings in the future. Google continues to be experimenting with SERP this year, particularly altering its structure and making the snippet width longer. Google has not rolled this out to all web sites, nor have they confirmed that they’re permanent, making it difficult for Search engine optimisation to take any benefit from it. As of now, sites who’ve fortunately received additional numbers of characters in the snippet box are now able to include more words to make their website description more attractive to search users.


Initiated February this year, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is just one the main tasks that Google aims to use to improve the efficiency of the mobile web which traditionally didn’t offer a gratifying experience to many users. Since its implementation, many Search engine optimisation companies such as us have started making sure clients and their developers make more effort to improve their website loading speed on cellular devices.

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