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Free Website Audit

Do you know the health status of your website?

Audit your website with Free Tools available to download online

images Free Website AuditTo get an immediate answer answer about the state of your website and Search engine optimisation health you can use numerous free tools on the web to do so. For those who’re looking to audit their website or simply want to pre audit the site before bringing in an expert, below are a number of search engine marketing tools you will find for a Fast and Free evaluation. If you would like some pointers to solutions like deep link investigation, technical operation evaluation, or other more specific data points, have a look at your audit thorough a list of SEO Tools from Moz or get extra help and information from Semrush, an online audit is free!

Their free Search engine optimisation tools have been available for many years, and for Do it yourself types, they’re sufficiently good enough to run web site audits. While researching the free tools, you will find that Search engine optimisation tool SEO Book offers much more. Clearly, there are premium tools, so you need to be sure you know which you’re clicking on if your spending budget is limited. Since the tools at SEO Book may be purchased individually, be sure to review the options and compare against other paid tools such as Moz or Semrush, there are many more, to be sure you’re not overpaying for the requirements you need.

Want a full and expert Audit of your website by professionals?

With any SEO work we take on at UK Business Hosting we will run a Full website audit, whether its a blog, a static brochure site or an ecommerce website with dynamic pages, our audit will look at the structure, meta tags, layout, images, broken links, schema and much more!
A report is made and a summary of that report is written in easy to understand language, technical details also provided for those who want read deeper. This not only gives our clients a view of how Google, visitors and competitors see their site but allows us to evaluate the SEO Optimisation that needs to be undertaken and a clear defined plan can be put together to rank the website higher and gain extra visibility on the web.

FREE Website Audit – Is your website performing as it should?
Are there any bad links, errors with the code, SEO Tags missing, your sitemap correct… and much more.

  • This is a thorough manual check on your website, just like an MOT for your car.
  • We’ll also check your keyword ranking… up to 10 keywords checked over 7, 21, or even 30 days… know your visibility on Google!
  • Want us to check your competitors? Sure we’ll do that to too!
  • Knowledge of your website is so important, don’t run your business blind!

If you would like to get your own website audit FREE today simply contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

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