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What is a domain name?

domain-names DomainsDomain Name System, or DNS, is the naming system for giving addresses to web servers and web pages.
Every website is identified by a unique series of numbers called an IP address. This numeric set is what your computer uses to connect to the server where the website data lives.
UKBH offer easy registration of domain names and support for transfers in and out of our servers. You can choose almost anything you like, ie, or or any other domain ending, ie. org, .net etc. a quick search using our domain registration tool will inform you if the domain you want is available or not.
Your domain name is the address used to access your website and in your email address after the @ sign. E.g. in, the domain name is In the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the domain name is still

Wikipedia can offer a fuller explanation to domains names here: Click Here

Strategic use of domain names

Many companies will register more than one domain name, sometimes hundreds at a time to stop competitors getting hold of similar domain names. Domain names do account for Google finding your website, we ourselves own several for web hosting such as and but use as its easier too remember and easier for our clients to type in, plus we use our skills in SEO to make sure our main keywords rank for us still even though we don't use the other domains.
Some companies will also register domain names that are similar to their competitors business name or industry to stop them from getting any ranking from Google. Be careful though as some names are copyright or are part of a registered company name, this might mean that a court may rule that you relinquish the domain to the competitor.
Another reason to register more than just your domain name is typo errors, Sometimes people type quickly on their keyboard without re-reading, this could be just one letter different but because of that may take them somewhere completely different or worse still to a competitors website. In such case use multiple domain names for one site to cover-up loss and redirect miss-spelled domain to original domain. For example, could be typed in as, (just one letter different - s), and take you to a very different website!
While we are here there is also the problem of different extensions, whilst you may have your competitor may register or any other extension like .org, .info and so on.

Another reason to register more than one domain ending is that of security, register multiple domain names and use one of them for E-mail hosting.

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Benefits of using domain extension for email hosting

  • Spammers will not have any clue as to your e-mail extension. 
    Many spammers use your domain name, where your website is on view to try and spam your email by typing in admin@, or info@, or sales@ and so on
  • Avoid spam emails being sent frequently to your official e-mail address. 
  • Keep your e-mail address private and secure your website from spammers.
  • Prevent from any type of phishing attacks.

domain-names-2 DomainsHopefully we have given you an overall guide to registering your domain name, obviously there is a lot more to it but the above should give you a sound grounding in what to do next to protect your company.

If you feel you are ready to go ahead why not register your domain through us, we are available 24/7 and are always actively looking after our clients domains and websites. If we think there may be something you should know about your domain or website we'll contact you. Domain Name

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