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UKBH Support

Need Support?

We are here for you 24/7 by email, chat, phone or ticket.

We monitor and update our servers 24/7, with security updates being applied as soon as they are announced. We keep our website ratio low for each server which again improves on performance and also keeps technical problems low. Many of our customers require help or advice on websites, plugins, installing templates etc. For non technical issues and non urgent technical issues we request you use our ticketing system, this allows us to concentrate on any urgent issues that might arise and will allow us to look at your tickets in order of placing them.

URGENT TECHNICAL ISSUES: Please use any contact route, ticket, phone, email, or chat - You can also check our server status here
These issues might be:

  • Web Site is down
  • You think you may have been hacked
  • Emails not working (please if possible use a ticket but by all means contact us on any of our contacts.)

NON URGENT ISSUES: Please use our ticket system and of course our Knowledge page here
These issues might be:

  • Emails not working
  • Help with cPanel
  • Setting up remote email
  • Transfer of domain
  • Restoring your files (backups must be in place)
  • Almost any other issue with your hosting you think we can help with

Provide Clear Instructions and Details

Whether you open a ticket, send an e-mail, or make a telephone call, provide clear details about the problem you are experiencing. The information you’ll want to gather before contacting technical support includes:

  • If you are receiving an error message, copy the wording of the message word for word.
  • Is the problem on the backend of the site or in the browser?
  • What have you tried to do already to fix the problem?
  • Do you have a backup copy of the site the last time things were working properly?
  • Is the problem urgent? For example, your site being down in browsers is a serious issue, but a problem on the backend may not be as immediately urgent.

 All links to support are through your account area, please login and use one of the support routes

Talk to us

+44 (0) 207 689 7522